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At Ever Ava we try to keep it real and down to earth. Real in our products and real in how we advertise. The best part of all of this is that our customers are real women, doing amazing things to make a difference in this world. As part of our blog we want to showcase some of our customers and highlight the awesome things they are doing.

For our first post, we wanted to highlight one of our amazing customers, Jayme.


  1. What do you do for work? Did you go to college? What did you major in? Are you using your degree in your work?

    I went to Arizona State for undergrad and majored in global health. I have always wanted to have a career in medicine, so I picked a major that was both interesting to me and conducive to taking all of the pre-med prerequisites in addition to my major coursework! I ended up adding minors in Spanish language and nutrition because I felt they would pair well with my degree and later be invaluable when working with a variety of patients. I graduated last year, and have continued to work as a medical scribe in the ER. I don't necessarily use my major coursework at my job but I definitely use my pre-med background on a daily basis. To be successful in my role I have to have extensive knowledge in medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, and general pathophysiology- which just would have been impossible without studying the subjects for 4 years. But my whole purpose in working at the ER is to gain clinical hours so I can apply to PA school. I'm currently in the midst of the application cycle which at times can feel like a part time job. And when I am not working at the hospital, I pick up hours nannying a couple of days a week as a means to save more money! Between the ER, nannying, applying to school, and life in general I keep pretty busy!

  2. How do you see women’s roles in the future? 

    I am loving this coined phrase in the women's movement right now, "the future is female". Through my time in undergrad I met so many power house women who are involved in the coolest things. They're starting non-profits, getting into the best medical schools/law schools/masters programs, being selected for nationally competitive scholarships, and landing high powered roles in Fortune 500 companies! That list isn't just people I've heard of, those are descriptors of friends of mine. Women are taking on positions that 30-40+ years ago were only for men and are taking them by a storm. With this, women are generally leading busier lives than ever before. And I hope this is just the beginning! I want to see even more women striving for amazing things that were previously only for men. More female CEOs, more female physicians, more female lawyers, more female everything. My overarching hope for the future of women is that as they continue to strive for the glass ceiling and close the gender wage gap, and that the home roles between men and women become blurred and more of an equal partnership. 

  3. Do you have a woman who is your role model? Who is she and why? 

    So. Many. Role. Models. I am on this new kick of trying to learn about incredible women and in this (for lack of a better word) journey I am becoming instantly amazed by so many amazing lady leaders. I would say my top 2 right now are Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Michelle Obama. RBG aka the queen of the supreme court was one of the first female law students at Harvard and graduated top of her class and STILL was denied at every law firm she applied to all because she was a woman. But she did not give up and eventually went on to become the second female appointed to the supreme court (of only 4 ever but I know this will change). I highly recommend both her documentary and the movie about her life "On the Basis Of Sex", she is an inspiration. Michelle Obama, the previous FLOTUS, has always been on my radar secondary to her initiatives to combat childhood obesity during her husband's time in office, but she is so much more than that! I just finished her memoir "Becoming" and I recommend it to literally everyone regardless of political affiliation. She is so graceful and has this extraordinary background that is often overlooked because of her famous husband. She graduated from Princeton undergrad and then Harvard law, did incredible things with her degrees, and then turned the role of first lady from one of hand waving and hugging into one that impacted the lives of so many children/veterans/college bound teens (just to name a few). In my opinion, MO is the epitome of chasing passions and standing up for what you believe in. I could go ON about these ladies because they are so incredible, but ultimately just recommend looking into their lives because you can't help but be inspired by their stories and the way they have paved the road for future female leaders.

  4. How do you maintain a good work/life balance? 

    I have had my current job for almost 2 years now, the first of which was during my senior year of college. At that time I was taking 21 credits and working 30 hours a week, and I really did not have a lot of free time. I felt bad frequently because a lot of my friends wanted to make plans and go on trips and enjoy our senior year but the majority of my weeks were spent in the hospital or in class. But when I graduated, I was able to make work my sole commitment and pick up other activities on an availability basis. Now to maintain a work-life balance, I do things that will give me more time overall. I try to meal plan and grocery shop in the beginning of the week, keep a running list of things I need to accomplish, and make sure to write down even the most tentative of plans to make sure I don't forget about them and have plenty of time for myself and the people are important to me! I have come to find that I feel far less stressed when everything is well organized and I take plenty of time for me-whether it be going to the gym, baking cookies, or reading next to a candle with a face mask on. Work-life balance is much easier to manage without the additional element of school, but there is still always an ongoing effort to try and expedite processes!

  5. Why are you an Ever Ava customer? 

    I am an Ever Ava customer because it's one of the best short cuts available! I never have to worry about running out of products or having to go out of my way to Target in a rush when I realize I am out of tampons. They come in the cutest little box every other month and it becomes one less thing to think about. Even without school, I still stay busy with working, nannying, and making sure I have time to spend with friends and family and I love any way to cut out mundane tasks like remembering to pick out tampons once a month. I'm also a huge proponent of women supporting women, so I love that not only do I get my products delivered to me in a cute box every month but that I am supporting a small business that puts women's needs first! It honestly is the easiest, the most convenient, and the most cost effective way to receive feminine products! 

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